Proprietary Technologies

CSOL Proprietary Technologies

A key part of CSOL activity is to develop ICIQ’s researchers discoveries into industrial applications.

Air and moisture stable anchorable catalyst for “click” chemistry

Air and moisture stable catalytic system for “click” chemistry, operating in benign conditions and low catalyst loadings. This is a highly efficient system offering the possibility to operate under homogeneous and heterogeneous conditions.
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Process for the catalytic intermolecular 1,2-diamination reaction of alkenes

Process for the intermolecular palladium-catalyzed diamination of unactivated alkenes in the presence of an oxidant. The offered process involves the use of commercially available saccharin and sulfonylimides as nitrogen sources, that insert regio- and chemoselectively into the double bond. Each amino group can be independently modified in following steps.
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A process for the preparation of (-)-Englerin A, including analogues and intermediates

A process for the total synthesis of enantiomerically pure (-)-Englerin A from readily available cheap raw materials and using a key catalytic cyclization step has been developed. This procedure allows for the preparation of analogs of (-)-Englerin A, a natural product known for its high activity against renal cancer.
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