Scientific Facilities

CSOL has its own laboratory in the business incubator area of ICIQ. CSOL has open access to the research support area laboratories as well as to the scientific life at ICIQ.

CSOL Laboratory

  • 170 sqm, fully equipped laboratory
  • Space for 14 researchers

ICIQ Facilities

  • 13.000 sqm headquarters
  • 26 Research laboratories (85-90 sqm)
  • Computational laboratory and cluster
  • 8 Research support laboratories (650 sqm)
  • Available techniques:
    • Automated parallel synthesizers.
    • Pressurized parallel reactors.
    • Kilolab reactor.
    • Online reaction monitoring (Calorimetry, FTIR).
    • Flow chemistry equipment.
    • Wide range of analytical techniques available: NMR, HRMS, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, X-ray diffraction (powder & single crystal).