Technology development unit at ICIQ

About CSOL

CSOL is a technology development unit belonging to the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ). ICIQ’s researchers are internationally recognised in their research areas, which span a wide range of catalytic transformations of industrial interest.

CSOL’s mission is to act as the link between the researchers’ expertise and the industry, as well as developing the researchers’ discoveries into industrial applications with a comprehensive approach.

Through the Consolider Intecat project, CSOL can also rely on the expertise of several leading research groups belonging to other Spanish universities and institutes, whose expertise in catalysis is complementary to that of ICIQ’s researchers.

About ICIQ

ICIQ is a non-profit R+D centre founded by the Generalitat de Catalunya, sponsored by leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies and supported by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Union.

Since the beginning of its activities, ICIQ has been involved in research projects with industry, working with multinational groups as well as with local companies. Most of these projects have been in the field of homogeneous catalysis, the main area of research in the institute.

After the success gathered by ICIQ’s first Technology Development Unit, Crysforma (working in the field of solid state development of APIs) and based on ICIQ’s excellent track record of industrial research collaborations in catalysis, the institute decided to launch CSOL in order to enhance collaboration with industry in this field, as well as offering new services to our customers.